Aurora Wind Power socio-economic development programs wins Community Awards

Aurora Wind Power

On 24 March 2017, Aurora Wind Power’s Socio-economic Development Programs won several Community Awards from Saldanha Bay Municipality, Western Cape, South Africa. The awards aim at honouring organisations and individuals who are making a difference to the community through outstanding community work. Aurora Wind Power is a 94 MW windfarm 130 km north of Cape Town in which ENGIE has a shareholding of 43%.

The following Aurora programs won an award:

  • ELRU NGO (2-year+ program aiming at improving Early Childhood Development in 19 creches of Vredenburg township) – for the category “Development of Skills of Marginalised People”.
  • Valued Citizens Initiative NGO ( 5-year program aiming at improving Life skills and Leadership for Principals/Teachers/Students and Parents in 16 primary and high schools of Saldanha Bay Municipality) – for the category “Education/Educator/Learner”.

In addition, Alan Camp (Health, Safety and Environment Manager of Aurora wind farm) active locally with community work since more than 15 years was nominated for the category “Bridging the Gaps between Divided Communities”.

Stakeholder’s engagement and partnerships with a selection of NGOs

“Aurora was also given special mention at the event as a fairly new company in the community who has already gained so much momentum with regards to its social investments”, says Jolene SHAW, Economic Development Manager of Aurora Wind Power. “These awards by the Municipality and Community represent a fantastic positive message towards Aurora and its NGO Partners. The coordination between Aurora and its Partners is essential to engage local Stakeholders and develop solutions and programs in cooperation with local communities”.

Growing importance of managing social investment around South African renewable energy IPP

Tristan Bosser, CEO of Aurora Wind Power: “In South Africa, Renewable Energy IPPs have two main 20-year contracts with the Government: the Power Purchase Agreement – standard in many electricity markets worldwide-, and the more innovative “Economic Development” Agreement – specific to South Africa and considered with interest by other African countries (see also the on-going tender for solar PV IPP in Ethiopia). The implementation of the “Economic Development” Agreement required a special mobilization of Aurora to understand local community needs and to co-prepare solutions to address these needs, in most cases in partnership with the community and through multi-year partnership with a selection of audited NGOs. The funds and stakes towards local communities are significant – approximately 6 million rands -400 000 Euros- per year during 20 years. The impact of these long-term programs are considerable in terms of Social License and Stakeholders Engagement.”

ENGIE inaugurates the 94 MW West Coast One wind farm in South Africa

ENGIE inaugurates the 94 MW West Coast One wind farm in South Africa