Decentralized power generation

Next to large scale grid-connected power generation projects, ENGIE is also active on the off-grid market in Africa and has developed innovative solutions to provide reliable, affordable and sustainable power to the populations which are not connected to the central grid.

PowerCorner is an initiative within ENGIE that aims to electrify rural areas in Africa using mini-grids. In March 2016, after a pilot project which began in 2015, ENGIE PowerCorner commissioned its first 16 kWp mini-grid unit in Ketumbeine, a remote village of Tanzania, close to Arusha. PowerCorner has since built and operated three more mini-grids in Tanzania and has four more in construction.

ENGIE and Fenix announced in October 2017 their mutual agreement on a transaction in which ENGIE acquired 100% of Fenix International, a next generation energy company, offering Solar Home systems (SHS) in Africa. Fenix’s main activities are in Uganda with more than 180,000 customers, and recently expanded into Zambia with plans to further expand across the continent. Fenix’s flagship product, ReadyPay Power, provides lighting, phone charging and power for TVs and Radios. In April 2018, ENGIE completed the acquisition of Fenix.

Virtual reality visit to Power Corner installation in Tanzania.