Power & Gas

By 2050, Africa will be home to at least 2 billion people– twice as many as today – with 40% living in rural areas.

About 600 million African people have no access to electricity. Africa’s economies are growing currently at an average rate of 3.6 % per year. However, sustaining such growth will only be possible if fuelled by a much larger and better performing energy sector. We believe that grid scale generation will remain essential for meeting Africa’s growing energy needs. Estimates vary but typically indicate that 50% to 75 % of the new installed capacity will be “on grid”.

Besides the need for large centralized power generation, the development of the African electrical power system, and the increased penetration of renewable energy sources, will create new opportunities in Transmission & Distribution, which remain a considerable weakness of the existing systems, and in utility scale Storage, which will be required anyway for HV grid stability.

ENGIE Africa aims to be one of the Top 5 Independent Power producers on the continent, capturing about 8% of the new added capacity in renewable and gas-fired power generation in 15 countries by 2023.

In our Centralized Power Generation, we have +3 GW in Operations and around 50 projects under development in both infrastructure and central generation.

To date, ENGIE Africa has compiled strong references across the continent, including several notable projects:

  • We have plants in Morocco: the Tarfaya wind farm (300 MW) and the Safi thermal power station (1,386 MW).
  • In Egypt, the construction of the Ras Ghareb wind farm (250 MW) is underway.
  • In South Africa, we have Avon and Dedisa, 2 thermal power plants for a total capacity of 1005 MW and Kathu, a 100 MW concentrated solar thermal power station, which started operations early 2019, in addition to two solar PV parks: Aurora and Vredendal with a total capacity of 21 MW.
  • In Senegal, we are developing 2 solar photovoltaic projects of 60 MW and we are continuing the operation of Senergy (30 MW PV plant) and Ten Merina (29.5 MW PV plant).

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