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Why choose ENGIE

ENGIE aims at attracting, developing and retaining local talent – managers and employees.  We want to hire local staff to both ensure future growth as well as to safeguard our license to operate. Our careers provide you with an immediate opportunity to contribute. The diversity of our businesses and our worldwide operations mean a career at ENGIE can take you almost anywhere you want to go.

We place a high priority on the recruitment, retention and training of personnel at all levels to ensure that all individuals can contribute to their own career development.

HR policy

ENGIE has built its human resources policy around the core elements of open dialogue, continuous improvement and sharing best practices. The Group pursues these goals in its efforts to recruit, develop and retain employees.

In conjunction with the ENGIE corporate project, the Group’s HR ambition expresses its commitments: “Enhance and develop our human capital, rich in its diversity, for our activities throughout the world, by implementing an open and innovative human resources policy, thereby creating value for each person, the company and the various communities in which the Group is involved.”

This ambition is evident in the Group’s managerial culture, its employees’ crucial involvement in its financial results and long-term strategic objectives, and the development of a high-quality dialogue within the Group.

Job opportunities

Are you keen to pursue a career in the energy industry? Every year, ENGIE hires thousands of technicians, engineers, sales staff and others for its multidisciplinary teams