ENGIE’s businesses in Morocco

ENGIE has been active in Morocco since 1980 mainly through power production (wind power, thermal energy), and energy efficiency services. The Group is involved to respond to a growing energy demand and in the development of a more sustainable energy mix for the country.

Morocco’s context

With a GDP of nearly USD 100 billion, Morocco is the fifth largest economy in Africa. Demand for electricity has been increasing an average of 6% per year since 1998 and should continue to do so for the next 20 years. In this context, Tarfaya, the 301 MW wind farm operated by ENGIE, marks a turning point in Morocco’s energy transition, which is aiming to have 42% of installed capacity powered by renewable sources by 2020.

Power generation

ENGIE is one of the key independent power production (IPP) developers in renewable energy and thermal power sectors in the Kingdom.  ENGIE, together with its local partner Nareva Holding, is in charge of the operation of the 301 MW Tarfaya wind farm and the Safi thermal power plant. These two projects represent a 3 billion euro investment for the Group.


  • The Tarfaya wind farm

Tarfaya is operated by a 50/50 joint-venture (TAREC) between ENGIE and Nareva Holding. With its 301 MW, it is one of the biggest wind parks in Africa to date. It consists of 131 wind turbines with a capacity of 2.3 MW each. Launched in January 2015, the Tarfaya site represents 15% of the target Morocco has set for wind energy development. It is operated under a 20 years «Build, Own, Operate and Transfer» (BOOT) contract. The parc is situated on the desert coast of Morocco and enjoys optimum wind conditions and a high utilization rate of 45%. Tarfaya prevents the emission of 900,000 tonnes of CO2 per year and accounts for around 40% of Morocco’s total wind power capacity. {Tarfaya wind park – 2}



Since its creation, and in partnership with the authorities, Tarec is part of a number of social and community development projects:
Public lighting of TARFAYA city,
Participation in the organization of holiday camps,
• The contribution to health assistance,
• The promotion of sports activities, …


  • The Safi thermal power plant project

Safi consists of two state-of-the-art thermal power generation units (2×693 MW). {picture : Safi – power production – 1}
The power produced by the Safi power plant is sold to the “Office National de l’Electricité et de l’Eau Potable”, under a 30-years power purchase agreement. This thermal power plant is the first in Africa to use ultra-supercritical clean coal technology, which is characterized by an optimization of the environmental performance and 10% higher efficiency compared to conventional plants. These plants will thus ensure a significant reduction of CO2 emissions and fuel costs. {picture : Safi – power production – 2} The project company SAFIEC is held by ENGIE (35%), Nareva Holding (35%) and Mitsui & Co (30%).


Energy services and efficiency

The changing energy world creates a favorable environment for the development of energy efficiency services in Morocco. ENGIE will strengthen the development of these activities by offering a full range of solutions centered around three main axes:

  • Development of B-to-B solutions in the industrial and tertiary sectors (e.g. energy services and facility management).
  • Offering services solutions for communities/territories (B-to-T) in line with the new cities and urban development (e.g. urban heat and cold networks, public lighting, green mobility solutions).
  • Solutions for individuals (B-to-C) e.g. use of solar energy, development of prepayment solutions In Morocco, ENGIE is present through Cofely Maroc, Cofely Tangier  Cofely Contracting and ENGIE Finatech Services.

ENGIE Cofely Maroc

Cofely Maroc develops since 2002 multi-technical maintenance, energy efficiency and facility management solutions to major multinational and local companies: Renault, Sanofi, OCP, Tanger Med…
Since 2011, Cofely Maroc provides through a facility management contract, multi-technical maintenance and multi-service of the new Renault plant in Tangier.

Cofely Morocco is furthermore responsible for the supervision and maintenance of equipment for the Tangier Med port. The port has seen its traffic increase by 14% in 2014.

So far, Cofely Maroc won numerous facility management and multi-technical energy services contracts: INWI data center, MIDPARC (industrial park in Casablanca), Mohamed V military hospital of virology in Rabat, CNESTEN (National Center of Energy Sciences and Nuclear Technologies), BOMBARDIER (aero structures and engineering services), Imperial Tobacco, Casa Marina – business and residential center in Casablanca, Aqua Mirage Hotel in Marrakesh and the Green Mosques program.

ENGIE Cofely Tangier

Cofely Tangier is managing facility management contracts and mult-technical services for Renault and other companies. Cofely Tangier is especially prospecting businesses in northern Morocco.

ENGIE Cofely Contracting

Created in 2012, Cofely Contracting does multi-technical works for local and multi-national companies such as Caixa, Olivim, Renault, …
Via these subsidiaries, ENGIE offers energy efficiency services, urban cold and heat networks and public lighting in Morocco. Through its specific expertise, ENGIE is also involved in transport and Smart Solutions.

Acquisition of SPIE Maroc

ENGIE’s acquisition of SPIE Maroc is in line with ENGIE Africa’s strategy of developing energy services in Morocco. ENGIE will expand its expertise in the fields if energy and telecommunications to offer decentralized power supply solutions for communities, businesses and households.

Joint venture with Finatech Group

ENGIE and Finatech Group, a subsidiary of FinanceCom, have finalized the creation of a joint venture dedicated to energy services.
Named ENGIE Finatech Services SA, the new entity is mainly involved in projects for electrical, industrial and tertiary installations, energy networks, public lighting, transport and telecommunications networks and infrastructures, global security, systems Information Management, Content Management, Audiovisual Engineering, Datacenter and Business Applications and Solutions.

Electrical Mobility in Morocco

The ENGIE Group, which acquired EV-Box – a world leader in charging stations – places electric mobility at the heart of its strategy and develops smart charging solutions that rely on algorithms to optimize fleet management.
TOTAL Morocco chose ENGIE for the supply of its charging stations. Several charging stations dedicated to electric vehicles will be deployed on the Tangier-Agadir and Casablanca-Marrakech highways. ENGIE’s presence in the TOTAL filling stations of the Kingdom is a real showcase for its products and associated services.

Cofely Maroc

ENGIE Ineo built the communications infrastructure, the tramway operations support system and the real time passenger information system of the Casablanca tramway. It currently provides the rail signaling, telecommunications and command post of the future high-speed line Tanger-Rabat. ENGIE Ineo is also interested to build smart grids and power substations infrastructure for large wind power and photovoltaic solar panel projects.

The company is tendering for the extension projects of Rabat and Casablanca tramways after having successfully submitted a bid for the extensions of the Casablanca tramway for the energy management, signalization solutions and telecommunication infrastructures and command post.

  • ENGIE Axima

Engie Axima is actively prospecting different business development opportunities in Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC), fluids, refrigeration and firefighting systems.

  • Social Programmes

In Morocco, ENGIE Cofely Maroc is an active member of the association Initiatives which supports young high school students from disadvantaged backgrounds.
ENGIE funds school renovations, organizes company visits for students and offers trainings.
Also in Morocco, ENGIE has signed a partnership with Enactus Morocco, member of Enactus Worldwide, an international nonprofit organization which inspires students to improve the world through entrepreneurial action.
Through this partnership, ENGIE supports Enactus Morocco for the development of projects oriented towards Cleantech and Environment and mobilize teams to support and monitor projects.



A partnership agreement has been concluded between ENGIE and IFMEREE (Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Training Institutes) to promote training and innovation in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors. The two partners are joining forces to set up training, R & D promotion and awareness raising programs for green jobs. The partnership is a school-business model serving the energy transition and sustainable development in Morocco.

SOS Village d’enfants:

ENGIE will contribute to the SOS Children’s Villages Association of Morocco.
ENGIE is committed to contribute to the maintenance of village buildings in the Moroccan territory. This collaboration also includes the insertion of energy efficiency solutions (LED lamps…) to reduce the cost of electricity consumption in SOS villages. Furthermore, ENGIE will be sponsoring this organisation by providing support in the schooling and health of children with needs or without family support.

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