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Energy Access

With over 600 million people in Africa still without access to modern, affordable, safe and reliable energy, access to Energy is a key activity for us in Africa. ENGIE is already providing clean decentralized electricity to more than 4 million people in 9 countries. ENGIE is the sole energy player with wholly owned solar home systems and mini-grids subsidiaries. With our decentralized solutions towards targeted customers, we will fully deploy the integrated zero carbon transition “as a service”.

We believe that universal access to electricity is possible in the foreseeable future thanks to a smart combination of national grid extension, mini-grids and Solar Home Systems, depending on the local characteristics of the energy demand.


Through Fenix we offer solutions for off-grid power with expandable, lease-to-own solar home systems.

To date, Fenix has sold over 500,000 solar home systems across Uganda, Zambia, Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, Benin and Mozambique changing the lives of more than 3 million people.

ENGIE Mobisol
ENGIE Mobisol

ENGIE Mobisol develops innovative smart off-grid solar solutions for homes and business.

Plug and play products and services are integrated with affordable mobile payment plans and the latest PAYG technology, enabling customers and distribution partners access to a growing portfolio of energy efficient appliances. System sizes range from 40W to 200W.

ENGIE Mobisol’s aim is to increase access to clean, affordable, and reliable electricity and services for households which have unreliable access to energy, thereby stimulating economic activity for the underserved and rural off-grid communities. 

Consumers get access to modern energy services and productive use appliances to establish their own solar-powered small-businesses.  Through the creation of local businesses and jobs, especially for women and younger people, ENGIE Mobisol also provides a great socio-economic impact.

With ENGIE PowerCorner we electrify rural areas in Africa using solar mini-grids by providing clean and affordable electricity through smart grids, using digital solutions like mobile money and pay-as-you-go technologies.

Electricity is produced via solar energy and battery storage offering 24/7 energy services. We are now present with PowerCorner in Tanzania, Zambia, Benin and Uganda benefitting thousands of customers. Our primary focus is to support income generating activities thereby sustainably increasing economic welfare of our customers.

ENGIE x Off-grid