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Together, acting to create innovative sustainable energy solutions that will shape the future of African megacities

Purpose & Mission
Purpose & Mission

ENGIE Africa is focusing on catalyzing new technologies and approaches adapted to the specific needs of the continent in order to improve business efficiency and offer tailor-made solutions to our clients and communities. Therefore, we believe in creating a unique virtual platform to scale new solutions, drive growth, incubate start-ups, and invest in innovative businesses.

  • The Factory is a capacity builder for African cities in providing skills and resources to create opportunities.
  • The Factory promotes innovation by fostering dialogue, knowledge sharing and communication between ENGIE, investors, entrepreneurs, corporates and institutions.
  • The Factory provides support to entrepreneurs in their ideation and business process.

How can you accelerate the access to energy?

How can you bring economic value to your community with innovation?

To tackle Africa’s future energy challenges, within a vibrant ecosystem, our Innovation Factory aims at creating opportunities and synergies, at supporting local entrepreneurship and innovation, at empowering communities across Africa thanks to innovative and disruptive solutions (impact, energy productivity).

Through our “Innovation Booster”, we have launched several calls for projects related to electric cooking, urban energy, drinking water and e-mobility among others.  Our ambition is to turn innovation into commercial opportunities with high growth potential in holistic approach by partnering with different stakeholders such as:  local players, startups, incubators, institutions and corporates.

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Take a look at some of our Innovation Factory ongoing projects.


ENGIE Africa is supporting the Rwanda government’s goal to achieve 100% access to electricity for its people by 2024 through pioneering innovations. ENGIE Africa is implementing a pilot scheme with the startup OffGridBox, winner of the call for urban power and clean water solutions launched by ENGIE Africa in Kigali, Rwanda, to provide purified water, power and Wi-Fi to about 200 offgrid households in Kigali, saving 15 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

This pilot will cater to the 18% of households in Kigali that currently do not have access to power, as well as serve as a backup system for lighting and phone charging in the area.

Through this initiative, local women are employed and trained to run the box with the OffGridBox mobile application, thereby generating income and employment. For its nationwide operations, OffGridBox is creating a network of female box-keepers who are regularly trained in technical, bookkeeping, sales and marketing skills.

We are proud to be changing lives by providing sustainable solar energy to remote areas of Rwanda that have no access to grid electricity, by making a remarkable contribution to increasing access to energy for all, including improving educational facilities for children and supporting small business creation, hence building a sustainable energy future.


Winner of the Clean Cooking Challenge launched by ENGIE Africa at AfricArena Summit end of 2019, the pay-as-you-go solution startup for affordable cooking gas, PayGas and ENGIE Africa concluded a partnership to launch a pilot of two Pay-as-you-Gas™ stations. Few months later, they were implemented in Philippi and Nyanga, located in Cape Town, South Africa, creating 12 full-time jobs and expected to service 4,000 homes, directly benefitting about 20,000 people.

In the context of the pandemic COVID-19, ENGIE Africa and PayGas are committed to deploying this technology, recognized as service for essential needs to help locals to avoid the dangerous usage of other sources of energy which can cause fires and health issues.

Thanks to its disruptive technology, PayGas’s mission is to offer wider access to clean gas to low-income households that are not always able to afford a full cylinder. The company developed a proprietary technology that fractions gas purchases into smaller quantities, making the purchase process more flexible and hence affordable to low-income households in South Africa.

Appel à projets en cours
Appel à Solutions innovantes pour sécuriser les batteries
Appel à projets en cours
ENGIE Africa x PayGas
ENGIE Afrique annonce un partenariat avec PayGas, la solution pay-as-you-gas pour un gaz de cuisson abordable...
ENGIE Africa x PayGas