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Nexans Morocco chooses ENGIE Services Maroc for the future photovoltaic solar power plant of its Mohammedia factory
Date : 31/01/2020

The 15-year contract covers the design, construction, commissioning, servicing and maintenance of the solar PV installation on the rooftop of Nexans’ Mohammedia factory.

Nexans Morocco and ENGIE Services Maroc have signed on December 20, 2019 a 15-year contract for the design, implementation, provision, servicing and maintenance of a rooftop photovoltaic plant with an installed capacity of 2.5 MW. This installation will cover an area of 13,000 m2, covering nearly 22% of the plant’s annual electricity needs and will prevent the emission of more than 700 tonnes of CO2 per year ( corresponding) to the CO2 uptake of 5,833 trees.

The photovoltaic power plant at our Mohammedia industrial site is part of Nexans’ strategy to be a sustainable development player through investments that contribute to the preservation of the planet. Moreover, this self-production reinforces Nexans’ positioning in renewable energy projects both by producing and marketing cables and substations for wind and solar power plants and by being a clean energy consumer” states Karim BENNIS, CEO of Nexans Morocco.

This project is part of the new strategy dedicated to the energy transition implemented by ENGIE Services Maroc. ENGIE has recently regrouped its three branches dedicated to energy services into a fully integrated entity to offer its customers in Morocco an “As a Service” energy transition package and to assist them in a zero-carbon energy transition.

Through its PV solar offer dedicated to self-generation, ENGIE enables its customers to produce all or part of their own energy needs by using the solarizable surfaces at their disposal (roof or car park). ENGIE’s offer includes the financing of the solar power plant, its design, installation, operation and maintenance. This offer reduces the need for our customers to carry the investment themselves and allows them to benefit from a competitive price of electricity over the term of the contract.

ENGIE’s PV solar offer is a contribution to the development of decentralized electricity production in Morocco and confirms ENGIE’s vision of becoming the leader in the zero-carbon transition in the kingdom.

With this photovoltaic solar power plant, we are providing Nexans with an innovative offer in the energy industry in Morocco. The “as a service” offer combines value creation and positive impact by providing an integrated, tailor-made and co-financed solution model. This contract is completely in line with ENGIE’s strategy to accelerate its customers’ zero-carbon transition” declared Philippe MIQUEL, CEO of ENGIE Services Morocco.