Our Expertise



There is an ever-growing dependence on seawater desalination to meet increasing regional demand for potable water. With key operations across the Africa, United...

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Wind energy has the advantage of being unlimited, carbon-neutral and now competitive. It’s an inexhaustible resource (wind constitutes an unlimited resource), a...

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Energy Storage Solutions

Renewable energy is clearly the solution to transition towards carbon-neutrality. But there is one shortfall: how do you meet a 24/7 electricity demand with int...

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Renewable Energy


The sun, an unlimited source of energy for humanity, provides competitive energy with high potential. This is why we have been investing for several years in so...

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Thermal and Green Hydrogen

ENGIE operates a diversified range of assets that ensure a secure and reliable supply of electricity to our stakeholders and customers across the African contin...

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About us

ENGIE is a global industry leader in low-carbon energy, water
supply and related services. With more than 30-years presence in the region, ENGIE is a long-term international investor, operator and producer of energy, water and energy efficiency solutions, our innovative products and services, state-of-the-art technologies and technical expertise of our people help build resilient, sustainable and high-quality businesses and economies that ensure a sustainable future.

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Our Regional Footprint

ENGIE has been present on the African continent for more than five decades. We are the number one independent power producer, globally. We deliver power to countries throughout the continent through clean energy solutions.


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