16 May 2023

ENGIE Joins Alliance for Industry Decarbonization

ENGIE is delighted to announce its partnership with the Alliance for Industry Decarbonization, a transformative initiative led by IRENA and Siemens Energy. The Alliance for Industry Decarbonization has been established to expedite the achievement of country-specific net zero goals, promote the decarbonization of industrial value chains, and foster a deeper understanding of renewable energy solutions for industry.

Our decision to join the Alliance for Industry Decarbonization perfectly aligns with our strategic objectives and overarching purpose. We are fully committed to empowering our clients on their decarbonization journey, and the alliance offers an exceptional platform to ignite positive change. By collaborating with industry peers, sharing knowledge, addressing common challenges, and accelerating the development and implementation of vital technologies, we can make a significant impact.

Being a part of the alliance brings immense benefits to the collective efforts of this visionary coalition. As a global low-carbon energy leader, we bring unrivalled expertise and insights to the table. Our comprehensive portfolio, encompassing renewable energy, energy efficiency, and sustainable solutions, positions us as a driving force in the global energy transition.

Operating on a global scale, the Alliance for Industry Decarbonization unites influential companies that share an unwavering commitment to combatting climate change. Together, we harness the collective power of industry leaders to effect transformative change. Our mission encompasses mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, propelling decarbonization efforts, and reshaping industries on a global scale.

ENGIE’s membership in the Alliance for Industry Decarbonization underscores our dedication to driving change and spearheading the global transition to a low-carbon future. Together with our partners, we strive to deliver impactful solutions, support our clients on their decarbonization journeys, and forge a sustainable world for future generations.