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31 Jul 2023

Great Progress on the 500MW Red Sea Wind Energy (Gulf of Suez 2) wind farm in Egypt

Monday, 31 July 2023, saw the concrete pouring for the foundation of the first of 84 wind turbines at the 500 MW RSWE wind farm. The foundation consists of 570m3 of concrete and 70 tons of reinforcement steel. Each wind turbine foundation has a diameter of 24m and a height of 5m.

This momentous milestone was achieved safely, thanks to the excellent collaboration between Orascom Construction and the @Red Sea Wind Energy team.

The construction of Africa’s largest wind farm is progressing well, with the first shipment of 8 Goldwind 6.0MW turbines dispatched from Shanghai on Saturday, 29 July 2022. This is the first of 11 shipments to transport all 84 turbines. The first wind turbines are expected to arrive in Egypt in September. Each wind turbine has a hub height of 97.5m, and the length of the blades are 82.5m.

This is excellent progress, just four months after the 500 MW RSWE wind farm reached financial close. Once completed, one wind turbine will provide enough renewable energy for approximately 9, 500 Egyptian households.