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Towards a net zero carbon



Our regional sustainability and governance strategy is centered on a mission to inspire and support our stakeholders to develop and implement our common purpose. Our work underpins our ambitions to significantly contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), accelerate the global energy transition and deeply inspire and support our people to adopt the universal values of ‘people, planet and profit’ harmoniously.

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Climate Action

Climate action has never been more critical. The urgency to curb emissions are rapidly growing as more businesses commit to taking action to avoid catastrophic outcomes. At ENGIE, we acknowledge our role as a business leader in addressing our own emissions and supporting our stakeholders to avoid and reduce their carbon footprints.

Our Targets:

  • Net Zero by 2045
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the production of electricity to 43 Mt in 2030 which is a certified Science-Based target


Protecting our environment, conserving scarce resources, and improving energy and resource efficiency within our operations are key strategies and practices aimed at reducing our climate impacts.

ENGIE is participating in biodiversity conservation by:

  • increasing its knowledge of environmental issues, increasing its awareness of the impacts of biodiversity loss,
  • managing the negative impacts on biodiversity at its sites through the implementation of action plans that protect and restore natural habitats.
  • increasing support through CSR programs that protect, restore and rehabilitate natural habitats.