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ENGIE Youth Development Program


About the Program

The program is dedicated to empowering highly skilled university graduates who are in their final year of study in STEM modules, with a special emphasis on climate solutions and technologies of today (renewables, green hydrogen, battery energy storage and desalination).

Aligned with the UAE’s National Youth Strategy and its ambitious goal of achieving Net Zero by 2050, this initiative aims to enhance capacity building in decarbonization solutions. It actively contributes to localisation efforts, bolsters employability prospects, and fosters the acquisition of vital skills necessary for advancing climate solutions and cutting-edge technology.

The Program will be delivered together with C3- Companies Creating Change.

Applications are now closed.

Your Learning Pathway

With the ENGIE Youth Development Program, you will gain vital skills and knowledge to lead the energy transition. Engage in diverse training activities, from workshops on soft skills to technical expertise, along with personalized mentoring sessions led by ENGIE experts. Showcase your dedication in a final presentation at COP28, addressing specific energy transition challenges.

Key Takeaways from the Program

By participating in the ENGIE Youth Development Program, you will have the opportunity to:

    • Explore and cultivate expertise in cutting-edge climate solutions
    • Collaborate closely with ENGIE experts and gain hands-on experience in the dynamic energy sector
    • Build a strong professional network and access potential career opportunities
    • Showcase your project at COP28, an invaluable opportunity to present your contributions on a global stage

Application deadline: 4th September

Program start: 25th September

5 STEM-related students

Info session: 30th August

Eligibility Criteria

Want to know if you are a right fit for this program? To apply for the ENGIE Youth Development Program, you should: 

  • Be a final-year STEM-related student (undergraduate/postgraduate), based in the UAE
  • Have a strong interest in supporting the energy transition and decarbonisation efforts
  • Possess knowledge and skills relevant to climate solutions, such as desalination, green hydrogen, and battery energy storage
  • Be committed to developing your professional career and gaining experience in a corporate environment
  • Be available for the three-month duration of the program; mid-September to early December 2023

Interested in Joining?

To participate in the ENGIE Youth Development Program, you are required to complete an application form. This form entails providing information about your educational background, submitting your CV, and creating a 3-minute motivation video. 

Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to join the ENGIE Youth Development Program and accelerate the energy transition!

Have any questions? Please reach out to: